Ingredients To AVOID For Your Baby

We live in a great country! We have freedom (thank g-d) and a life we value as relatively safe when we compare ourselves to countries around the world. And yet, with all the best intentions, we need our government to get tougher on regulations for health and beauty care products – “especially” those that are being used on our beautiful babies.

I believe strongly that babies should not be exposed to unnecessary chemicals. Their tiny little bodies are only beginning to build immunity to all the harsh chemicals and environmental inhalants they will become exposed to. Our body burden has come into the spotlight in the news the last year or two.

The trouble is that we still need tougher regulations. Health Canada offers guidelines for manufacturers (ourselves included) to ensure that we do not use ingredients that they deem harmful to our bodies. However, they cannot police every single product on the market, it seems.

Recently I watched a video clip from CBC’s Marketplace show called “Lousy Labels”

The last two products they reviewed were Seventh Generation diapers (which was found to add some ingredient that makes them look brown so the consumer will think they are “green”) and Huggies baby wipes, that included an ingredient that is banned from use in Canada (on Health Canada’s Hot List of ingredients that must not be used).

As we fight for tougher regulations, we have to be vigilant ourselves and do our best to avoid chemicals that are harmful to our children. Here are some to look out for:

2-BROMO-2-NITROPROPANE-1,3-DIOL (or Bronopol) – a preservative found in baby wipes, conditioner, liquid soap/body wash. This is a known human skin, lung and immune system toxicant, and skin, eye and lung irritant. Degradation of Bronopol can lead to formation of formaldehyde and nitrosomes, known and suspected cancer-causing agents. Animal studies indicate very low doses could harm the gastrointestinal system or trigger broad system health effects.

By the way, I saw this ingredient in a Canadian baby wipe that “claims” to be 100% natural. Doesn’t that just make your blood boil? It does for me! It is just UNECESSARY.

DMDM HYDANTOIN – another preservative found in baby wipes, shampoo and body wash/liquid soap. This one provokes allergic responses, can be irritating and toxic to human skin. Degradation can lead to the formation of formaldehyde (a cancer causing agent).

BORIC ACID & SODIUM BORATE – preservatives, pH stabilizers, emulsifiers. Found in diaper cream, lotion/moisturizer, baby powder. The cosmetic industry’s own safety panel states these chemicals are unsafe for infant or damaged skin as they can absorb readily into the body. Despite this guidance, these ingredients are found in diaper rash ointments. Once absorbed, boron accumulates in the brain and liver, and is eliminated very slowly.

IODOPROPYNYL BUTYLCARBAMATE – preservative. Found in baby wipes, sunscreen, shampoo, etc. This is a pesticide that can cause allergic skin and respiratory reactions.

This was another one I found in a Canadian made so called “natural” baby wipe a short while ago.

The list goes on. I will blog about more in the future. The point I am making is to learn as much as you can to minimize the impact on your little ones and your family. I am not trying to be a fear monger. I am only trying to help to raise the level of awareness and maybe even get you on board to let our government know that we need tougher regulations. By the way, you will NEVER find such ingredients in our products. I do the best that I can with what research and knowledge is available to make the safest products for our babies. That is Lovey’s commitment to the babies of the world and to you!

* data cited is sourced from The Environmental Working Group