Shocking Facts on Flame Retardants

When I bought my child’s car seat, I reserached it at  Some people may have thought I was a little over the top – “it’s just a car seat”.  Well, read on to learn more about what is in everyday products we use and buy that are affecting our health and that of our children.  Let’s keep learning the realities of our environments so we know what to vote against.  If we do not hold our politicians feet to the fire to change the regulations, who will? Let your MP know how you feel!

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Collection of information about toxicity and calls for regulatory action to ban these toxic chemicals

Flame retardants, in particular, polybrominated diphenyl ethers or PBDEs, are of serious concern to children’s health. Like other well-known toxic substances like PCBs and dioxins, they are highly toxic and persistent in the environment. Measurements from around the world, including in Canada, show dramatic increases in these substances in the environment, in food, in house dust, and in breast milk. Also like PCBs and dioxins, these chemicals are harmful to children’s developing brains.

Publications, fact sheets and on-line resources

The following resources include detailed and summary reports, literature reviews and fact sheets about flame retardants by public interest groups, government agencies and researchers in Canada and the United States.

August 2009
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