Do you think small daily exposure Adds Up?

I do.  I believe that small exposures to toxic chemicals in personal care products add up.  Bit by bit, day by day, we continue to be exposed to chemicals in unsafe products, setting the stage for future health related illnesses.  Think I am being dramatic?  You might want to reconsider.  I just read an article that talked about the grossly underestimated correlation between cancer and toxic chemicals and inhalants in our atmosphere.  And our children?  Check out the results of a 2007 Environmental Working Group study:

“In July and August of 2007, EWG surveyed more than 3,300 parents to find out what shampoos, lotions, bath soaps and other personal care products their children use. Based on the specific products named by these parents, we found that children are exposed to an average of 61 different chemical ingredients every day, many of which have not been found safe for children by the government or the cosmetic industry’s expert safety panel. Due to gaping loopholes in federal law, cosmetics companies can put almost any ingredient they choose into their products, with no requirement to safety test. Companies can also claim that their products are gentle and natural even when they contain artificial chemical ingredients or harsh skin irritants.

Exposures to harmful chemicals during childhood pose concern because children are more vulnerable to chemicals than are adults. Children are like sponges for chemicals. Their skin is 30 percent thinner than an adults’ and can absorb greater amounts of chemicals from the skin surface. They breathe in more air (and air contaminants) relative to their weight than adults, and the blood-brain barrier that helps block chemicals from penetrating brain tissue is not fully formed until a baby reaches six months of age. Parents must be particularly careful to choose safe products for their children.”

The bottom line: Be cautious about the products you choose for your family.  Print out our blog article on Ingredients to Avoid for your Baby. Join our newsletter to keep you posted on news and discussions that will help you to keep your babies safe.  And let’s hope that North American legislation soon takes the route of the European standards for personal care products.  The Europeans are miles ahead of us in banning unsafe chemicals and have admirably stringent standards!