Face paints can be chemically deceiving

Child with face paint on her hands and faceFace paints have more to hide than a child’s face on Halloween. The green goblin and orange pumpkin look may be leaking neurotoxins like lead into your child’s skin.

But that’s not all. Many traditional face paints also contain nickel, cobalt and chromium, which can leave your child’s skin permanently sensitive and prone to dermatitis.

But that’s ok, you’ll just be sure to read the labels next time, right? WRONG.

The companies making face paints are not listing these harmful chemicals in their ingredients. Even the Snazaroo Face Paint, which claims to be free of toxins, contained scary amounts of lead, nickel and cobalt.  This is just shows how important it is for the Safe Cosmetics Act to finally get approved for updating in the House of Commons.

In 2009 as well, the Fun Express water-based face paints were recalled because of microbial contamination. Kids suffered from itchiness, rash and burning after using the product.

As an anti-green washing mom and company owner, I suggest going homemade with natural Halloween face paints this year.

It’s super easy to do so too.

First you’ll need some natural food colouring. You can get these in the health food store, or you can make them with spices or ingredients in your own kitchen. We’ve all gotten yellow stains of turmeric on our fingers when making curry, so finding strong food-based colours will be easy for a mom who likes to cook!

Then you’ll need a natural unscented lotion (go for something thick), a fluoride-free toothpaste or a thick cocoa butter as your base.  You’ll be mixing the following ingredients with this base as needed (usually only a small amount):

Raspberries, blackberries beets for pink

Cocoa for brown

Spirulina for green

Tumeric for yellow

Tamarind for purple

Sugar and flower for white

Remember to make sure your child won’t get an allergic reaction to these spices first! Test your recipe on a small patch. Remember that things like minty toothpaste will tingle on the face, and some kids may not like that feeling.

Finally, let us know how it went for you!