Helping pregnant women by giving them the low-down on having the bump!

Maternity help for pregant momsWe had a chance to get to know Stephanie from Busy Bump Maternity Services recently, and boy, does she have an idea that other moms could cling to! Here is what we found out about her personality and what she does, and why it’s different than the show “Pregnant in Heels!”

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business, Busy Bump Maternity Services and why you started it.

I’m a mom of two. I have a six year old step son and an 11 month old daughter. Busy Bump Maternity Services is a baby planning service for new and expectant moms. We help moms get organized for the baby’s arrival by helping with registries, nursery design, shopping car seats & strollers as well as educating moms on newborn essentials like diapering, swaddling and bathing a baby.

The idea for Busy Bump Maternity Services was “conceived” during my pregnancy and grew into a small business in the beginning of my maternity leave. I wanted to provide other moms with services I would have loved to have during my pregnancy and post-partum as well. Before I had my daughter I was a busy working professional who worked 40+ hours a week, while trying to balance work, friends and family. Between running my step-son to soccer or kindergarten, meetings with clients, making dinner and trying to go to the gym or a date night with my husband, it was hard to find time to read all the baby books and look online for all the information I knew I would need as a new mom. I truly have found my passion helping expectant couples prepare for their baby’s arrival and I love being able to help take away the stress and anxiety that comes along with becoming new parents.

Is it a concierge service? I saw a TV show that had a concierge shopping for upper east side New York moms to be. How is your service the same or different?

I do offer a concierge service/personal shopping at our hourly rate however many clients choose a package or combine a few of the a la carte services I provide. My job is similar to the TV show, “Pregnant in Heels” in the sense that I do help many expectant moms with similar tasks like shopping for strollers, baby proofing or coaching on newborn basics but Rosie Pope is catering to some pretty wealthy woman who are a little on the extreme side. None of my clients have ever asked me to do some of the crazy things you see her doing on the show!

Can you tell us about the workshops you are doing and what kinds of topics you will cover?

I am so excited to start the workshops and connect with more new and expectant moms in the lower mainland. The goal of the workshops is to educate new and expectant parents on topics beyond what they are hearing in their prenatal classes, which mainly focus on the birth. Not to put down what people hear from prenatal classes as that is valuable information but parenting is much more than the birth and there are many other parenting topics that expectant couples are interested in and want information on. In the workshops, we will be talking about sleep patterns in babies, breastfeeding basics and tips for success, decorating your nursery, exercise during pregnancy and finding humour in parenting/being a new parent. There will also be more topic focused workshops like Health & Wellness and Returning to Work. We plan to offer the workshops at locations across the lower mainland and throughout the year. Our first workshop on “Newborn Essentials” is February 8th at Kinder Café in Coquitlam from 6:30-8:30pm and our Health & Wellness workshop will be February 29th at Roundhouse in Vancouver from 5:30pm – 7pm.

What pieces of advice do you have for a new mom or a mom-to-be?

#1 – Trust yourself and your instincts. When I was pregnant and also a new mom, everybody wanted to offer their two cents of advice. It gets overwhelming! Don’t get intimidated by people telling you what to do or that you’re doing something wrong. If it doesn’t feel right or comfortable for you, you most likely feel that way for a reason.

#2 – New moms need as much rest as possible. You hear it all the time but sleep/rest while the baby is sleeping. Spend less time worrying about cleaning the house or preparing dinner. Many new moms expect they can still do it all (with only 2 hours of solid sleep) and then feel defeated if they didn’t get to have a shower or get a load of laundry in. While you are pregnant, make some easy meals like spaghetti or casseroles which you can keep in your freezer and pop in the oven for dinner. Also, accept any help that is offered from family or friends and if you are feeling overwhelmed don’t feel guilty asking for help.

#3 – Join a mom group, group fitness for new moms or some sort of activity in your community where you can get out of the house for a few hours with the baby but can spend some time with other moms. It’s important for your mental & emotional health to get out of the house and interact with other people (who do more than cry & poop all day). Being around other moms who are sharing in your experiences is a great way to get support and just go have a good laugh about some funny moments from your day.

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