Earth Day 2014

Happy Earth Day from Lovey's!

Let’s stop polluting the oceans.

Let’s stop destroying the rain forests.

Let’s stop destroying our natural resources.

Let’s stop contaminating our bodies.

And while we’re at it — let’s stop filling our landfills and wiping toxic chemicals on our babies!

Did you know that it takes Disposable Diapers – 550 years to decompose? By switching to cloth diapers and cloth wipes, and using products like our all natural wipes alternative Tushi Wash and green baby diaper rash treatment Tushi Stick you’ll be helping the earth and your baby’s body by ditching harmful products and nasty chemicals!

We know that consumers like you have gotten savvy to the chemicals that are in personal care and other products.  Just today, I read that  “60,000 consumers are demanding that Walgreen’s remove toxic chemicals….” We know it’s important to you and you know what?  It’s important to us too!  Let’s continue to spread the word about removing nasty chemicals from the products we use everyday.

The future is in our hands–let’s embrace it by ditching the nasty chemicals and beginning to be responsible!

Happy Earth Day from Lovey’s!