Five Things Your All-Natural Diaper Bag is Missing!

5 Things Your All Natural Diaper Bag is Missing

Five Things Your All-Natural Diaper Bag is Missing!

You’re a smart, savvy, all-natural kind of mom! We know you want the best for your babies skin and life, but with the plethora of options available it’s hard to narrow down the choices. Here are our five favorite items that you’re missing from your all natural diaper bag–all are mom tested and approved!

1. Lovey’s Tushi Wash — Many all-natural mommas use cloth wipes, but they can often use a little extra umph that just water can’t bring! This tushi wash helps you stay true to your all-natural commitment by becoming the perfect no-nasty chemical companion for your cloth wipes!

2. Lovey’s Tushi Stick – Sore bums are no fun! This all natural stick prevents diaper rash and can be used on the most sensitive of skin since it’s free of chemicals that would cause breakouts!

3. Perfect Wet Pouch – When you’re on the go and you have a soiled cloth diaper it’s super important to have somewhere to store it! These adorable and functional pouches are cute and super convenient!

4. KiddoTags — you might think that you don’t need to start labeling your child’s items until preschool begins, but you’ll change your mind once you realize that everyone decided to bring the exact same diaper bag as yours to MOPS. These tags make sure that the workers use your all natural products on your child!

5. Lightweight Muslin Swaddling Blanket — While a muslin blanket has many great uses, having one in your diaper bag is invaluable for those instances where you need to change baby somewhere in public but don’t see anywhere you’re comfortable with laying them down, or don’t want to worry about messes. Just lay the blanket down, change baby, and throw it in a Wet Pouch! The top brand that we’ve tested and love is Swaddle Designs.

Those are our top five picks–do you have them in your All Natural Diaper bag? Let us know of any amazing all natural items we might have forgotten in a comment!