Three Items In Your Baby’s Nursery That Are Full of Dangerous Chemicals


As mother’s we want the best for our precious little ones–but often danger can be all around them and we might not even realize it! Here are three items in your baby’s nursery that you might not realize are full of nasty chemicals!

1. Pajamas/Sleepers — Scientists from EWG and Duke University just released a groundbreaking study that found a biomarker of the cancer-causing fire retardant TDCIPP in the bodies of all 22 mothers and 26 children tested. Although flame retardants in pajamas have been banned in some countries, they are still allowed in the United States, and they can also be found in other common nursery items such as furniture, nap mats, changing table pads, nursing pillows. We recommend with new clothing/bedding is to wash in hot water the first time to wash off some of the surface chemicals and never wear it before washing it.

2. Fabric Softener — Although probably not physically in your child’s nursery, there’s a good chance that you’ve been washing their clothing with fabric softener. This can wreck havoc on babies sensitive skin and in some children can cause severe allergic reactions or outbreaks of eczema. We suggest using a free and clear laundry detergent (or making your own DIY version) and using vinegar instead of fabric softener–your clothing will smell fresh and clean and your babies skin will remain clear!

3. Baby Wipes — did you know that most baby wipes, even gentle or sensitive versions, contain tons of nasty chemicals like Parabens, Sulfates, Zinc, Petroleum, and Artificial Fragrance? Ditch them and go with the all natural wipes alternative — our Tushi Wash Spray! You can purchase it through Amazon and start using all natural and gentle ingredients on your baby’s tushi instead!

We hope these tips will help you turn your baby’s nursery into a safer, more green place to be!