Best Stocking Stuffers for Babies

Best Stocking Stuffers For Babies

Christmas morning just wouldn’t be the same without stockings full of surprises waiting to be discovered. Babies can also enjoy pulling out the treasures even if they are still too young to be able to un-wrap gifts very well. As a new parent, you want to give your baby fun and enjoyable gifts, but also ones that are useful and practical. There are several products available that would make perfect stocking stuffers for babies.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Babies

Lovey’s Tushi Stick and Tushi Wash Spray will be appreciated by both mom and baby. They are the perfect size for stockings but, most importantly, they are all-natural and will keep baby’s tushi soft, comfortable, and diaper rash free. Tushi Stick’s unique applicator also lets mom keep her hands clean and on her wiggly baby. Tushi Stick is an all-natural alternative to chemically laden baby wipes.

Teethers and pacifiers make great stocking stuffers as well. They are a practical gift that can also be lots of fun. These days both pacifiers and teethers come in every shape, size, and texture. Pacifiers can be personalized, contain logos or messages, or even add a comedic touch to baby. Pacifier holders are another good option and many are available that are cute and clever. Some teething products combine a teether with a blanket or toy and many would fit nicely in a stocking. If you decide to get a teether as a stocking stuffer, be sure it is BPA and Phalate free. Of course teethers and pacifiers are both items you can never have too many of!

Sensory and developmental toys, including bathtub toys, are always excellent options for baby. Blocks, balls, and cups are the “superheroes of the toy world” according to and many are the perfect size to fit in a stocking. Playing with cups in the tub can teach older babies many important concepts and aid their development. Babies also love toys with bright colors and simple sounds such as jingles and rattles.

One item you should be sure to include in baby’s stocking is books, whether soft cloth or small board books. Books are an incredibly vital part of a baby’s life and a recent Reader’s Digest article stated that the best time to start sharing picture books, rhymes and songs is at birth. The article also suggested that the more verbal interaction babies have with parents in the first three years, the better they will perform in school later. Start simply, of course, buying books with just a few printed words but lots of shapes, textures, colors and patterns to talk about. Once baby gets a little older, you can move on to simple stories and rhymes.

Whatever you decide to put in baby’s stocking this year, enjoy this special time with your little one.

Merry Christmas From Lovey’s!

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