What’s Really in Diaper Cream


When your baby is suffering from diaper rash, you want to relieve their pain as soon as possible. So you run to the store, grab a tube of well-known diaper cream, and rub it on to protect your baby’s skin. But what exactly are you rubbing onto your baby’s hurting bottom?

Chances are the ingredients in your “safe” cream may cause more problems than they solve. Most commercial diaper creams contain a long list of chemicals that you probably don’t recognize and can’t pronounce. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals can be dangerous.

Consider these hazardous ingredients found in common diaper creams:

Parabens (such as Methyparaben and Propylparaben): Parabens are preservatives that act like hormones and can cause disruptions in the endocrine system, which can cause problems with the reproductive system. They can linger in the body and cause damage over time.

BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole): This preservative and stabilizer is most likely a carcinogen, as well as being an endocrine disrupter and possible irritant.

Petrolatum: This petroleum product (and others like it) runs the risk of a contamination or impurity creating PAHS, a highly hazardous chemical that is a carcinogen (among other things).

Fragrance: The term “fragrance” basically means a mixture of chemicals and ingredients used to make the product smell better (supposedly). The catch is that you have no way of knowing what chemicals this includes, so they could be highly hazardous, sometimes causing allergies, respiratory problems, or endocrine disruptions.

Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A Palmitate): Don’t be fooled into thinking that this ingredient is beneficial because it includes a vitamin. A mixture of palmitic acid and retinol (vitamin A), this chemical is the most dangerous on this list – a reproductive toxicant and probably carcinogenic, it can also cause cellular mutations. It also absorbs easily into the skin – your baby’s skin.

Others: Other ingredients in harmless looking diaper creams include talc, zinc oxide, sodium borate, benzyl alcohol, dimethicone, propylene glycol, tocopheryl acetate, dimethicone, and glycerol behenate. All of these chemicals have varying levels of toxicity and risks associated with them. Careful! Even a diaper cream claiming to be “organic” contained retinyl palmitate!

What can a mom do to soothe her baby’s diaper rash without using potentially dangerous chemicals? A simple and safe option is Lovey’s Natural Diaper Ointment – the Tushi Stick! This special ointment formula is made with essential oils and natural ingredients, not synthetic chemicals.

Lovey’s explains that their diaper ointment is “All Natural, no zinc oxide, no artificial fragrances – only pure essential oils used.” Ingredients include: Coconut oil, White Beeswax, Jojoba oil, Grape Seed oil, Apricot oil, Shea oil, Rosehip oil, Cacao Butter, Candellia Wax, Sweet Almond oil, Calendula Floral extract, Avocado oil, Parfums (proprietary blend of essential oils), Tocopherol.

These natural ingredients help soothe, heal, and protect the skin – the same things that commercial creams are supposed to do, but without all the hazardous chemicals.

Other advantages of the Tushi Stick include its resistance to bacteria, its great smell, its unique stick design that keeps both baby and mom clean, and its affordable price.

Enough of those chemical diaper creams – hop on Amazon to grab your all-natural and safe Tushi Stick!


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