Easy Ways To Make Fitness A Priority As a Young Mom


Easy Ways To Make Fitness A Priority As a Young Mom

Being a mom with small children can feel like one big balancing act. There are constant demands for your attention and there are some things that fall by the wayside. One of the first things mothers often allow to fall from their long list of priorities is self-care. Who has time to exercise when there are children to feed and mold into well-balanced human beings? It may seem like taking yourself off the priority list is the easiest sacrifice. That could not be further from the truth! Taking care of yourself will give you more energy, better health and a boost in confidence. All of those things will help you be a more present mom to your exquisite little ones. Now that we agree that exercise is important, how do we as moms with young children find the time?

Involve your kids. If your children are small enough for a stroller, load up and take a walk around the neighborhood or public track. On days when the weather is bad, go to the mall and get in some steps. There are even workout classes that are designed to incorporate baby and stroller!

Parks are an excellent place to exercise when the children are a little older. You can keep an eye on the children as they play and get in a great workout. Many common pieces of playground equipment can also be used as exercise equipment. Another option is to load up balls, remote control cars, bikes and any other outdoor toy and head to the public soccer or baseball field. The kids can play and you will have plenty of room to workout.

On days when the weather prevents you from going to the park or for a walk, try a workout at home. There is no need to buy and expensive in home workout program when you first start. Spend a few minutes searching online and you will find that there is a plethora of free workout videos that you can watch and do in the comfort of your living room. The kids will love to try and do the exercises and you can even use the littles ones to add extra weight to some of your moves!

As you involve your kids in your workouts, you will teach them that fitness is an important part of life.

Invest in equipment. There are a few inexpensive pieces of workout equipment that can take your workouts to the next level. Resistance bands are easy to transport and can be inexpensive. They add resistance to your workout without taking up much room in your home or car. You can buy a set of resistance bands and keep them in your car. On your trips to the park or soccer field, bring the resistance bands along to intensify your workout.

A yoga mat is another piece of inexpensive workout equipment that is also light weight and easily transportable. The yoga mat provides a defined space for you to stretch and do any exercises that require you to lie down. It can be used for both your outside and inside workout sessions.

A fitness tracker can be a great way to fit exercise into your everyday activities. Some fitness trackers count steps, calories burned, distance walked and even how well you slept. You can set daily goals and easily see at any point during the day if you are on track toward reaching your goal. The best part of a fitness tracker is the ability to connect with other users and get the motivation to move more. If a fitness tracker does not fit into your budget, many smart phones have the ability to track your steps and can be a great alternative.

Sacrifice sleep. If you work outside the home or work from home, a trip to the park to get in a workout may not be possible. In that case, you may have to sacrifice a little sleep to fit in a workout. Most gyms are now open twenty-four hours per day so you can go before work. If group fitness is your preference, in most areas there are boot camps and classes such as spin that happen before six in the morning. You can get in your workout and get ready for work all before the kids get out of bed!

There are many options for the busy mom who wants to become more active. Make the decision to keep yourself on the priority list!

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By Darisse Kennedy

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