Amazing Ideas for A Baby Gift

Lovey's Books
Summer is baby season and we know your calendar is probably full of baby showers and visits to see precious new arrivals! With a long list of presents to purchase and so many different ideas out there, we wanted to share that some of the best baby shower gifts are books! Our favorite ideas for a baby gift are to give a practical package, like a home cooked meal or diapers and Tushi wash and a Tushi Stick, paired along with a favorite book for fun. A well-stocked personal library is a gift that gives for years, and is something that mom and baby will both enjoy equally! Lovey’s Founder gave us a list of her personal “must own” books for everyone’s home library! Even if the gift is for a baby, don’t shy away from books for toddlers or young children, having a gift that babies can grow into and that the family can enjoy for years and years is truly a gift that will be treasured. This list includes a mix of warm and fuzzy inducing, tear-jerking, hilarious, and practical books as we feel that no home is complete without a good amount from each of those categories.
We hope this list inspired you and gave you lots of ideas to add to your wishlist and to gift to the new arrival in your life. What’s your favorite book for baby? Let us know!