6 Kitchen Safety Tips to Arm Yourself With

Do you know where bacteria live in your kitchen?  I learned some things this past year that I would like to share with you.

The kitchen is germ central.  A U.S. firm, NSF International, studied 22 families and swabbed all … Read on!

WAIT! Before You Buy Chest Rub Ointment, Read This.

Your baby has a cold – YUCK!  It’s hard to see them suffer – nose running, then congested and coughing away.  You want to do something, ANYTHING to help ease the discomfort. But before you reach for that Sniffles and … Read on!

How to Choose Safe Rain Gear for Your Child

Do you hate the rain as much as I do?  Like it or not, we in the province of British Columbia have to face the music – the winter rain is coming.  So why not make those dreary days Read on!

Face paints can be chemically deceiving

Face paints have more to hide than a child’s face on Halloween. The green goblin and orange pumpkin look may be leaking neurotoxins like lead into your child’s skin.

But that’s not all. Many traditional face paints also contain nickel, … Read on!

Do you think small daily exposure Adds Up?

I do.  I believe that small exposures to toxic chemicals in personal care products add up.  Bit by bit, day by day, we continue to be exposed to chemicals in unsafe products, setting the stage for future health related illnesses.  … Read on!

Safe Cosmetics Act in the House


This year alone, I have lost two friends to Cancer – one in his 50’s and one in her 40’s. Yesterday I heard the story of a 23 year old who died from a brain tumor.  His father worked … Read on!

Shocking Facts on Flame Retardants

When I bought my child’s car seat, I reserached it at HealthyStuff.org.  Some people may have thought I was a little over the top – “it’s just a car seat”.  Well, read on to learn more about what is in

Read on!

Parenting Advice on POWER by Bonnie Harris

Power Needs to be Balanced
by Bonnie Harris of Connective Parenting (excerpt from newsletter)

Are you a parent who has a hard time saying no to your children or maybe one particular child? Many parents I find have a hard … Read on!

The Debate Over Fluoride

I have avoided fluoride in toothpaste for my 4 year old. I always thought it wasn’t good for children. I also go to a holistic dentist and take my little guy there too – just to give you a sense … Read on!

Ingredients To AVOID For Your Baby

We live in a great country! We have freedom (thank g-d) and a life we value as relatively safe when we compare ourselves to countries around the world. And yet, with all the best intentions, we need our government to … Read on!