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natural diaper ointment and new baby products owner with her babyNew baby products designed by an eco mom with a green baby

Lovey’s natural baby products began with a mother’s love for her baby! With a passion for health and healthy living, this mummy became frustrated by the lack of natural product options for her baby, especially that could be used as a diaper rash treatment. After months of trying several different diaper-change cleaning solutions on the baby products market, she decided to create her own with good quality, natural ingredients. After experimenting with different formulas, she came up with what is now Lovey’s Tushi Wash.

In 2011, Lovey’s came out with Canada’s first natural diaper ointment in a stick format.  Today, both of these are wholesale baby products that can be bought for baby boutiques and retailers across the country.  Consumers looking to buy our baby products online can do so on this web site, or visit the store locator to visit a retailer in person.

“I was careful to use ingredients that didn’t irritate my baby’s skin but instead offered soothing and calming elements, while still cleaning effectively . I prefer to use natural products and I didn’t want to expose my son to all the chemicals in the wipes that I was seeing on the market. Even the wipes that were for sensitive skin or supposedly natural would give my baby a rash. Plus, I wanted to do my part by not contributing more environmental waste. Used with a washcloth or a disposable, bio-degradable cloth, Lovey’s Tushi Wash users will be reducing waste in our landfills.”

Our customers are most important to us and we love to hear from you. We continue to research and work on products to improve your quality of life, your health and our environment. Thank you for visiting us at Lovey’s Body Products Inc. We hope you will try Lovey’s Tushi Wash and Lovey’s Tushi Stick, and that you will visit us again in the near future to learn about new baby products coming soon.

All the best from our family to yours,


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