Shocking Facts on Flame Retardants

When I bought my child’s car seat, I reserached it at  Some people may have thought I was a little over the top – “it’s just a car seat”.  Well, read on to learn more about what is in

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Parenting Advice on POWER by Bonnie Harris

Power Needs to be Balanced
by Bonnie Harris of Connective Parenting (excerpt from newsletter)

Are you a parent who has a hard time saying no to your children or maybe one particular child? Many parents I find have a hard … Read on!

The Debate Over Fluoride

I have avoided fluoride in toothpaste for my 4 year old. I always thought it wasn’t good for children. I also go to a holistic dentist and take my little guy there too – just to give you a sense … Read on!

Ingredients To AVOID For Your Baby

We live in a great country! We have freedom (thank g-d) and a life we value as relatively safe when we compare ourselves to countries around the world. And yet, with all the best intentions, we need our government to … Read on!