Lovey’s Affiliate Terms of Service

Welcome to the Lovey’s Affiliate Program. Please be advised of the terms of service of this agreement. All affiliates who apply to our program are bound by the conditions set out in the terms of service agreement. If Affiliate Member disregards any of these (knowingly or not), Affiliate Member will not receive any payouts and will be removed from our affiliate database. Thus we highly advise that you please read these carefully.


Affiliate Member will receive an 8 % commission on all sales generated through your affiliate link. Cookies expire in 30 days. Payouts occur once every 6 months to your Paypal account. Affiliate Member must have a PayPal account to participate in this program. Affiliate Member must have earned at least $10 before the 6-month period ending to receive a payout.

Where there is any discrepancy of statistics between your records and ours, our system records will prevail and Affiliate Member will be paid according to what is recorded in our system.

Self-referrals are not allowed. Affiliate Member will not be paid a commission on an affiliate link Affiliate Member uses to buy our product.

Products returned are not eligible for commission payouts.


Affiliate Member may use the links and banners we provide to Affiliate Member, and will be notified of your unique referral link. Using a link that is NOT your referral link or an incorrect link will not earn Affiliate Member any commission.

Affiliate Member may not create and use your own banners without prior approval from us.

Ad bidding

Affiliate Member may not bid on the following keywords if Affiliate Member plans to use pay-per-click or any other form of paid advertising, whether online or in print:

Lovey’s Body Products

Lovey’s Tushi Stick

Lovey’s Tushi Wash

Lovey’s Baby Products

Lovey’s Baby Care Products

Or any other keyword containing our company name

Coupons and discounts

Affiliate Member may not offer a coupon, discount or money back to people who buy from us through your affiliate link.


According to U.S. law Affiliate Member must disclose the fact that Affiliate Member is using an affiliate link when doing so. It is up to Affiliate Member to read and research the laws in your state or province on affiliate disclosure and to follow them dutifully.

Spam and Fraud

Affiliate Member may not spam anyone with our links. Affiliate Member may not send e-mails about our product or containing our links to e-mail addresses that have not explicitly signed up to be a part of your newsletter or mailing list.  Affiliate Member may not use our product or link in any pop up advertisement. Lovey’s has the right to use our discretion to determine if your marketing practice constitutes spam, and reserve the right to remove Affiliate Member from our affiliate program if we feel Affiliate Member is not marketing responsibly and respectfully.

Using robots, scripts or any other such device to manipulate commissions is not allowed and will result in cancellation of your entire payouts (i.e. even if Affiliate Member had valid commissions earned, Affiliate Member will get not be paid if Affiliate Member attempts this kind of fraud).


Affiliate Member may not use our links, banners or mention our product on any Adult, Hate, Gambling, Torrent, illegal downloads, or related sites of such nature.

All sites Affiliate Member uses our banners and links on must be in English unless Affiliate Member writes to Lovey’s for prior approval.

All sites where Affiliate Member places our affiliate links must be on a domain that Affiliate Member owns. Using a free web site service does not count. For example, your free blog from or cannot contain our affiliate links.

If Lovey’s feels your site is not suitable to our standards (i.e. containing spam, inappropriate or low-quality ads and pops), or finds our links on a domain not approved by us when Affiliate Member signed up to be part of our affiliate program, we will terminate your affiliate account with us.

Changes to terms of service

Lovey’s reserves the right to change our terms of service at any time. Affiliate Member will be notified of such changes and will be obliged to review the changes and adapt your affiliate marketing accordingly.


Lovey’s is not liable for what Affiliate Member do with our links and cannot be held responsible for any consequences thereof.

Dormant accounts

Accounts that are dormant or inactive for a period of over 6 months will be terminated, and all commissions will be set to $0.


Lovey’s respects your privacy and will not distribute the information you provided to us in the registration of our Affiliate Program to any third party.

Cause for termination

Lovey’s may, at any time and for any reason, cancel Affiliate Member’s affiliate account with us and set your commissions to $0. (This is a right we reserve to protect our company against affiliates who attempt to find loop holes in this agreement and cause us harm. If Affiliate Member has doubts about the kind of affiliate activity Affiliate Member wants to participate in with us, please ask before proceeding with such activity.)

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