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Vancouver mom develops Canada’s first natural diaper ointment in a convenient stick!

Lovey’s made it to the TOP 5 for the Successful You Awards “Best Concept” Category!

Lovey’s Natural Baby Product Press Coverage:

Tushi Stick natural diaper ointment in At Home Parenting with Jo Frost magazineRecently our flagship product, the Tushi Stick all natural diaper ointment, was featured in At Home Parenting with Joe Frost, the Super Nanny! Click the image to the left to download a PDF of the magazine cover and the page we were featured on!

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go-green londonmum nursery-online Mother and Baby
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Yoyo Mama blog reviewing wholesale baby product by Lovey's
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Baby care review of Lovey's natural baby care products The coverage of Lovey's baby care product Mom covering natural baby product by Lovey's
baby care product being reviewed on a blog wholesale baby product being reviewed on a mom blog baby product review of Lovey's wholesale baby products Review of natural diaper ointment by Lovey's
Mom blog covering Lovey's diaper change product Lovey's natural baby product on mommy blog Tushi wash new baby product review

Download a pdf copy of the original page the Delta Optimist covered on the new baby product, the Lovey’s Tushi Stick! Click the link below:

Lovey’s Tushi Stick in the Delta Optimist

Click on the image below to see Lovey’s in “Great Green Goods” : profile in Spring 2010 issue Urban Baby & Toddler (page 21) Green baby products page

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