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My husband and i have just completed the 30 day 800 km El Camino to Santiago walk in northern Spain this July. Our life saver was your Lovey’s Chafe Guard. As i am proned to blisters I wanted to find a product that would prevent this from happening. We bought the Lovey’s Chafe Guard when we attended last years Victoria Marathon and ran the 8 km.

Each morning the first thing we would do before breakfast was apply Lovey’s Chafe Guard to mostly the toes but also the heels etc. Then our gloved socks. (Socks that fit over each toe. As shown). And we were so pleased that in 30 days neither of us had any blisters. Just a miracle, we love Lovey’s Chafe Guard.

– Bonnie and Neville Flanagan


“OK May not be anything, but it worked for me. I have had dry rashy splotches on my legs. below knees. I applied 3 times to just my left leg area. It is 90% cleared up.
Is this a miracle product? I will let you know future results. “

Harry Mueller

simoneI absolutely love the Tushi Stick! It’s such a great product to help with keeping baby’s bum clean! My baby has NEVER had a diaper rash – i am truly convinced it is the magic of this amazing stick. I also love that it’s the perfect size to throw into my diaper bag and that it prevents my hands from getting sticky like other products! The smell is fantastic too – my husband always knows when the baby has a fresh diaper on : ) I have also recommended this to my other mommy friends too.

– Simone Grewal , Reporter/Weather: CBC Vancouver &
On-Air & Online: Virgin Radio Vancouver

amandaWe have been happily using Lovey’s products for the past 6 months since our son was born. We try our best not to use chemicals, so we cloth diaper & use reusable wipes. We absolutely LOVE the Tushi Stick & Tushi Wash & recommend them to all our friends. Both are easy to use, mess free & smell terrific. They leave our son’s tushi squeaky clean & rash free. Every health conscious parent should stock their changing table with these necessities!

– Amanda Percival, Langley, BC

I love running marathons and trail runs but hate the chafing I get under my arms and under my sports bra. It doesn’t matter what style of bra I wear – it always happens. So I heard about ChafeGuard and decided to try it. Even after the first use I noticed that the irritation was gone. Before, my underarms were so painfully itchy and irritated. Besides working like a charm, it smells fabulous. If you are a runner, I would highly recommend using Lovey’s ChafeGuard before every run.

– Amy Hendel – www.CommunityCareFirstAid.com

Amputees often complain about chafing discomfort, especially at the skin/socket interface. I was lucky enough to be able to discover and provide samples of ChafeGuard, by Lovey’s, an all-natural anti-chafing stick, to six of my amputee patients. Their feedback was very positive and all six reported relief from the irritation of stress on their skin at the socket trim line. Four of the patients also commented on the fact that odors from sweating in their socket or silicone liners were reduced or eliminated. The same four patients liked that this product was natural. As a prosthetist, I strongly believe that ChafeGuard effectively manages one of the most common hardships that any user of prosthesis encounters daily.

– Martin Robinson, B.Sc., C.P.(c) – Prosthetic Energy West Inc. – Toronto, Ontario

“My husband uses the Lovey’s Tushi stick for chafing and LOVES IT! It has saved him considerable discomfort as his job entails lots of walking. Thank you so much for this product! “

In appreciation,

– Jodie

If you run more than 10km at a time, you have experienced chafing! I have always been a distance runner and am usually the one taking the hand outs of Vaseline on a stick during a 1/2 marathon! Now that I have found Lovey’s Chafe Guard, I make sure to rub it on all the hot spots before I go for a 10-20km run and no more chafing! The best part is that it is all natural. A product that works and I can feel good about using!.

– Deb Lowther – www.ironkids.com

“In preparation for Ultraman Canada in Penticton this year, Lovey’s ChafeGuard has been a very important part of training. From stopping chafing along the neck of my wetsuit during swims of up to 8 Km to helping with my “bottom” during training rides of 220+ Km’s, Lovey’s Chafe Guard has been a must. Thanks Lovey’s.”

-Bruce Schoenne, 9 time Ironman finisher/Ultraman in training


Natural Anti Chafing Stick user“I tried the ChafeGuard during the Vancouver Half Marathon. Thank you!!! So glad to finally have a natural product that feels and smells nice but holds up to the demands of a race :) I have a new favorite product.”

-Tara MacDonald, Victoria, BC


“We were visiting my parents in Kelowna and my son was running out of diaper cream. I looked online to see if there was a local retailer where I could buy his brand. There wasn’t. I have been very picky about what I put on his skin because he has severe eczema. Anyway, my mom suggested we go to a baby boutique downtown. They carried your product. The lady convinced me that it would be equally gentle on his tush so I gave it a try. I haven’t gone back. My son’s bum has never had a rash which is amazing given the rest of his skin. I also really like that I don’t have to get may hand covered in the stuff. The “stick” idea is great! The only thing I don’t like is that I have to order it online. I think there is only one retailer in Calgary but I just order in bulk and plan ahead so it’s not too bad.”

Devin Pezzin Enns, Calgary, AB

* Lovey’s wrote: Hi Devin. We actually do have some additional Calgary retailers. See Buy At a Store list for more stores in your area. We are also always adding retailers. If you don’t see your favourite retailer, please email us at info@Loveys.ca and let us know which store you’d like to buy it from. We will contact that retailer for you.

“The TUSHI STICK simply smells amazing, even with the diaper closed! What most marveled me was the fact that my baby’s poopy was not sticking to her bum, so minimal wiping is needed. Also ever since I used this product my baby has been rash free!! It’s a must have – they should sell it everywhere…I could not believe it!! It’s awesome!! Every mom should own one!!”

-Ingrid Diaz, Award-Winning Hairstylist

Nurse says diaper ointment by Lovey's designed for skin“Our skin supports its own ecosystem of microorganisms, including yeasts and bacteria. Lovey’s products have been designed to promote a healthy balance with an aim to prevent the disturbance of the skins ecosystem. They smell good and are convenient for us busy Mums to use.”

Dr. Tarnia Taverner, PhD


Parenting Magazine editor says baby care by Lovey's is good for babies“This is one product that not only makes parents’ lives easier, it also gives them the reassurance that they’re not inadvertently exposing their baby to unnecessary chemicals. If you’re given the choice between using a chemical cleanser like traditional baby wipes and a natural product like Lovey’s Tushi Wash on your baby, the answer should be clear. It’s also economical — one bottle for $12.99 gives you about 200 applications. I also love that this diaper rash ointment is in an easy-to-apply stick so parents don’t have to get their fingers all mucky applying a messy cream.Much love for Lovey’s Tushi Wash!”

Emma Lee, editor, urbanbaby & toddler magazine


If you’ve never read the ingredients in baby wipes, I suggest you do. That’s why I love Lovey’s Tushi Wash whether it’s in bottle or diaper ointment in a stick format. Lovey’s ingredients are natural and safe for your baby and the environment. Best of all, it was invented by a mom for her own baby’s bottom!”

Joanna Mileos – Owner, Granville Island Toy Company


Ecologist says Lovey's baby products are environmentally safe“ I love the environmentally friendly, Lovey’s Tushi Wash. Used with a washcloth, it is gentle on the environment! And their latest product, the Tushi Stick makes a lot of sense for a busy mom who has an active baby. I love the fact that it prevents cross contamination – the stick format is very unique and a big bonus! I know that Lovey’s spends a lot of time researching their products to make sure that they are safe for babies.”

Dany Fillon, Ecologist and Owner, Shoo-Foo Eco Linens, shoo-foo.com


“I had a chance to try Lovey’s Tushi Wash and the Tushi Stick… and I LOVE them! I’ve always had very dry skin, which only got worse when I started doing competitive swimming this year (swimming in a chlorine pool three times a week definitely takes a toll on your skin). So far, I’ve been weary of body lotions, as my body was exposed to enough harsh chemicals and artificial substances on a daily basis. When a friend recommended Lovey’s products, I agreed to test them. After all, baby products ought to be gentle on your skin, right? I can confidently say that it was one of the best choices I’ve made for myself this year! I’m very happy with Lovey’s products and I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family.”

Sofia Ribero, Kiwano Marketing, kiwano.ca


“… I was talking to you about my son having very sensitive skin and you mentioned that your son had the same issue. I bought the tushi items and I have been using them for almost 2 weeks. I really like your products; they seem to be working really well for my son!”

Jaya Johal – www.mummymayi.com


“I have been using the Tushi Stick on my sons eczema, and it is totally clearing up! Fantastic product! thanks so much. i will def. pass your info around.”

(Later, Julia wrote:)

“Since I ran out and stopped using the product on my son’s eczema, it has completely flared up again! That stuff is amazing!! Will buy it again.”

Julia Poelman


“Hi! I got a bundle from bundles and buzz and I am LOVE my tushi wash!! Thank you so much! I love the smell of it and my daughter thinks I’m funny when I spray her tush!!”

Shannon Kulej Houde


“Love your product and the spritz bottle. Especially love that u can lock the bottle. Thanks for adding them to the bundle.”

Tiffany Parrish-Drake


“I just received my latest Bundle from Bundles and Buzz. Thank you so much for the Tushi Wash!! It works great!!”

Lisa Earles Burry


“As a species, we need to make more conscious choices regarding the products we use. Are they safe, effective and eco-friendly? In that regard, the Lovey’s Tushi Wash is a product that makes good sense. It is a natural herbal and plant-based product that can be used on baby’s sensitive parts, without leaving harmful chemical residues.

Read more from Avram

The Lovey’s Tushi Wash is economical and makes sense environmentally. Best of all, it was invented by a mom. Not only is it a “back-to-basics” product that is convenient and economical to use, it has a very pleasant scent as well.

What’s the down side? Well, right now you can only buy it at a limited number of retailers and on-line. Let’s hope that some of the bigger retailers start to catch onto the benefits of selling this and other eco-friendly products to their customers very soon.”

Dr. Avram H. Sussman B.Sc., D.C., N.D.
Naturopathic Doctor and Chiropractor
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada


“I wanted to let you know the Tushi Wash has worked great for us! No rash-no sensitivity issues, nothing and it smells absolutely divine! It is also super easy to use with one hand which has made the whole process so much easier.

Read more from Jaime

I have used Bum Genius Bottom Cleaner, Thirsties Booty Luster, a few different versions of home made diaper area cleaners and the tester version on AppleCheeks diaper area cleaner. My daughter has had some sort of issue with everything but Lovey’s Tushi Wash and the Thirsties Booty Luster. Everything else has given her sensitivity rashes that made her very uncomfortable. I had to give her baking soda baths and use Cortisone cream for a couple days to get them to go away after using the others. I am definitely interested in buying more Lovey’s Tushi Wash. I also have one friend that’s definitely interested in Tushi Wash and a couple others that seem interested.”

Jamie O. – New York, NY


“I love Lovey’s. I was always appalled by the garbage that is in most commercial baby wipes and wondered how they stayed wet for so long inside of their plastic containers. I also wondered, by using those wipes, what I would be “really” wiping on my kids’ special parts. I wanted something natural to wash my baby’s tushi and when I was introduced to Lovey’s, I was sold. The product washes the area easily and thoroughly, and I feel good about using it. Both of my girls love the scent of Lovey’s too. In fact, after we wash up, both girls hold their hands out so that they can get a little squirt of Lovey’s on their hands, because it smells so sweet. In my opinion, if you want only the best for your baby, choose Lovey’s.”

Annette Sharpe,
Mom & Founder of www.growingforsuccess.com


“We’ve been using Lovey’s Tushi Wash with our preschooler at potty time and really like how gentle it is on her tush! We also love the fresh & sweet natural fragrance & that it sprays on. Genius!”

Shirley Broback, Producer
Vancouver Island Baby Fair


“I have been using Lovey’s Tushi Wash on my youngest son since he was a newborn – it is so refreshing and easy to wipe any messes away. Great for travelling too when the “elusive” wipe is missing! I only wish it had been around when my older son was a baby! As a Moms’ group facilitator and doula, I recommend it to all my clients.”

Meralon Shandler, Doula


“As an adult, I used disposable wipes for an intimate refresh for several years until I was introduced to Lovey’s. Your Lovey’s Tushi Wash is a luxurious, luscious portable bidet. For those who travel, I also wash my face with Lovey’s Tushi Wash, without any water. My face and neck are as soft and silky as a baby’s bottom. The Mini Shoo-Foo bamboo disposable cloths are fabulous. I soak them in hot water and use them as a to release tension in my neck. I use it like a bandana across my forehead too. It’s very soothing. A delightful duo!!!”

Holly Long
Vancouver, BC

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