Why carry Lovey’s Baby Care Products in your store?

“I am so thankful that I took a chance on bringing the line of Loveys products into my store as the response has been overwhelming. It is, by far, the most re-ordered product of any that I carry.

I love that I’m able to recommend the products without any reservation or hesitation.

Marcie provides awesome friendly service and a quick delivery time.”

-April Wiens of www.BumbleBeeBaby.ca

Statistics Canada shows that 367,863 babies were born in Canada in 2007 and that Canadian mothers spend 1.5 million annually in household expenses.  According to BC Stats, in 2010-2011, 46,100 babies are expected to be born.  Diaper dermatitis (i.e. diaper rash), affects up to 35% of babies (source: http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/d/diaper_rash/prevalence.htm).  Consumers and media are also becoming increasingly aware of the harmful effects of mainstream products that contain toxins, which are actively interfering with infant immune systems.  These articles demonstrate this:

The above statistics show a vested interest in mothers to spend whatever it takes to protect their baby from the harmful effects of chemicals in most baby products.  For this reason Lovey’s, in cooperation with your retail store, has opportunity to be the product of choice for natural-seeking and educated moms whose babies suffer from diaper rash.

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The Tushi Stick All Natural Diaper Ointment – Why it will sell:

The fact that no other Canadian brand has produced a diaper ointment in a stick format is a plus for carrying Lovey’s in your store or distribution channel.  Moms love that the packaging means they don’t have to get their hands dirty during a diaper change. The benefit of a stick format makes it mess-free, which is a selling feature for busy moms who look for convenience.  The smell outdoes the competition by being relaxing and just plain delicious.  It denotes that going natural doesn’t have to mean sacrificing such simple pleasures.  The pricing of the Tushi Stick is also a great selling factor, since mothers can get twice the amount of diaper ointment or cream for only a fraction of the cost more than other similar products (i.e. Lovey’s Tushi Stick works out to be cheaper per ounce).  Finally, the Tushi Stick can be used successfully for other purposes, such as dry skin and eczema.

The tangible aspect of this solution is the effectiveness of the ointment itself as the benefit, whereas the intangible aspects include extended benefits such as the convenience of the stick applicator, the enjoyable smell, and the peace of mind in knowing that the product is free of chemicals.

The Target Market and their Concerns Profile:

Lovey’s products appeal the following type of end consumer:

  • Moms whose babies suffer from diaper rash or sensitive skin and wish to treat the problem.
  • Moms who can’t find a viable solution to their baby’s diaper rash.
  • Moms currently using another ointment on their baby regularly.
  • Moms who crave convenience and time-saving techniques in baby care.

After doing a branding exercise it was determined that the most likely buyer of Lovey’s Tushi Stick will be the moms looking for a solution to the problem of diaper rash.  While moms will appreciate natural products, the more important thing is that the product works to soothe and treat a suffering baby.  The fact that it is natural is a side benefit, albeit a very big one, which may be part of the solution. The great thing about Lovey’s products is that while we technically can’t give a guarantee that it works to heal diaper rash, moms, naturopaths and other industry experts swear by it. Lovey’s has testimonials showing the vast amount of people who say that nothing works like it for their baby’s skin, or even for their own.  The point here is that just because Lovey’s is natural, it is not any less effective than a mainstream product (which is often the case and a preventative factor for people in switching to all-natural alternatives). In fact, we believe it is more effective.

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